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Winter Lodge at the Schrader Center

The air is crisp and filled with the scent of falling leaves fading into winter. Inside, the smell of warm corn soup, marinating with fresh bacon, ham and maple syrup, fills the air, enticing staff and visitors alike to the kitchen! It’s Winter Lodge at the Schrader Center.

The daytime program includes building a fire with flint and steel, atlatl throwing, Native American tools, games, stories, and tipi tours. While it’s cold outside, students are warm and snug gathered around a fire inside the tipis sharing stories. Program Director Greg Park, cooks and serves up a warm corn chowder, representing the fare of Native Americans. The students participate in demonstrations of period tools and games, and learn by experience what it’s like to spend time outdoors in a tipi.

If your group would like information about participating in Winter Lodge or a similar outdoor program, visit www.OIonline.comfor more information or call us at the Schrader Center at 304-242-6855.

Atlatl Throwing at the Mastadon


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