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Environmental Book Club Meets Thur., April 19 at the Schrader Center

The Environmental Book Club will be reading poetry for the month of April!

Come, Thief by Jane Hirshfield, focuses on the lovely but overlooked things in everyday life: stones that are beautiful only when wet, maples setting down their red leaves, the rosy gold and stippled pattern of her grandfather’s watch. Using clear, straightforward language, she finds the meaning in what could be—in less observant hands—the meaningless, often with a flash of unexpected humor.” — Natalie Tebbi, Oprah’ s 2011 Summer Reading List Review

Jane Hirshfield, who has written many books centered on nature, is quoted by poet Rosanna Warren: “Hirshfield has elaborated a sensuously philosophical art that imposes a pause in our fast-forward habits of mind. Her poems appear simple, and are not. Her language, in its cleanliness and transparency, poses riddles of a quietly metaphysical nature…clause by clause, image by image, in language at once mysterious and commonplace, Hirshfield’s poems clear a space for reflection and change. They invite ethical awareness, and establish a delicate balance.”

Feel free to read any other selection from Hirshfield’s work. The many different perspectives can only enrich our discussion!  The Book Club will meet Thursday, April 19 at 7pm at the Schrader Center. Hope to see you there!


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