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Jr Rangers Help Clean Up Trails in Oglebay Park

June 4, 2012 — The adventure started with a warm morning, about 68 to 70 degrees. As we headed down the trail, we stumbled upon areas of mud covered by wooden planks. In a couple of days, the Boy Scouts will be coming to put in new stepping stones so that the visitors will be more comfortable walking the trails.

The Trail Team helped the Boy Scouts today by cleaning up trash and taking out the wooden planks. We carried lots of trash, such as bottles, cans, clay sewage pipes, and palates from the woods to the road to help clean up the park.

After the planks were gone, mud was everywhere we stepped. In order to keep the trails in good condition so visitors would be happy, we made a stone trail covering most of the mud. Now when people walk on the trail, they won’t be hiking through the squishy mud.

The Schrader Center’s Junior Ranger program includes volunteers that are part of either the Trail or Teach teams, which will focus on ecology and forest improvement, or nature interpretation and instruction, respectively. The program develops volunteers’ speaking skills, increases their knowledge of the natural world, and gives them an opportunity to make an impact in our community.

The Trail Team monitors Oglebay’s forest, restores the Oglebay Ecosystem and learns about ecology and forest management. The Teach Team guides hikes and animal programs, develops and teaches Nature Day Camp activities and learns about nature education.


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