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Baby Bluebirds Have Arrived at Oglebay Park

The bluebirds are hatching all over Oglebay Park! Check out these little cuties living in one of the dozens of monitored bluebird boxes located throughout the Park.

During the summer, bluebirds feed mainly on insects. In the winter, they depend on many kinds of wild berries for their food supply. Even though the bluebird population has greatly decreased, the future can still be promising for them. According to the National American Bluebird Society, the most important step we can take to help bring back the bluebird is to provide nesting sites by setting out a bluebird box or starting a bluebird trail. A bluebird trail is a series of bluebird boxes placed along a prescribed route. In areas where nesting boxes have been put up in suitable habitat, bluebird populations are increasing. For more information on how to get your own bluebird box started, check out the “Getting Started” fact sheet from the National American Bluebird Society. 

Albert Dague, a retired steel fabricator of 45 years, took up birding after retirement and today he monitors 50 bluebird boxes in Oglebay Park, Wheeling, WV every week during the spring and summer. With his particular interest in bluebirds and along with his carpentry skills, he has had logged hundreds of hours in constructing blue bird boxes as well as monitoring and recording data on nesting success.

If you visit Oglebay Park, please don’t bother the bluebird boxes. With Mother Nature’s help, and a little luck, our staff and volunteers at the Schrader Center are helping to boost the bluebird population in WV!


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