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Residential Camps

Junior Nature Camp:  Oglebay Institute’s Junior Nature Camp inspires young people ages 10-15 through hands-on nature exploration. Campers actively engage in scientific discovery, recreation, and personal growth in an environment that promotes teamwork, responsibility, and respect. Our alumni are leaders in business, education, science, and the arts. Be part of the tradition…come to camp!

Mountain Nature Camp:  Founded in 1929 by A.B. Brooks, Terra Alta Mountain Camp has served as a training ground for the country’s leading naturalists for over 80 years.  Bordering Terra Alta Lake, the camp covers 18 acres that include habitat for rare orchids, ferns, flowering, spurge, warblers, thrushes, kinglets, and vireos. Oglebay Institute’s Mountain Nature Camp offers adults the opportunity to explore, discover, and share in the rich and unique Appalachian highland habitat.  Through class discussions, lectures and field study, our campers will leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the Appalachian region. The staff at Terra Alta includes college professors, internationally recognized naturalists, and professional interpreters that strive to teach both beginners and experts.  The camp is designed for those that are just beginning to explore nature as well as experienced naturalists that want to research new habitats, see new birds, and experience an environment that celebrates learning, discussing, exploring, and protecting our world in a pristine mountain camp.

Photo of a group participating in a project
Photo courtesy of Joan Kerns

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