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Jr Rangers Working to Remove Privet

In the past few weeks, we’ve been working on a grant application to replace the invasive privet we have pulled among the native trees and plants around the Schrader Center. To start our project today, we took a walk with Jake Francis, our trusty Jr. Ranger leader, who taught us how to properly take cuttings from Arrow-wood Viburnum and Box Elder. After doing some research, we learned Arrow-wood Viburnum was one of the native plants that would grow best from a cutting. To take a cutting, we needed to make sure we had cutting tools that were sharp and sterilized to prevent the spread of plant diseases and fungi. After the plants had been cut, we learned our next step would be to put the cuttings into a rooting compound (Indole-3 butyric Acid, a chemical that helps roots to grow from cut plants).

We did not take the cuttings today, but we were able to pick some of the ripe berries from the Arrow-wood Viburnum. We planted the berries in moistened soil and marked their location so we can follow their progress.  We will keep you updated on our restoration efforts over the rest of the summer! ~Jr. Ranger Trail Team